Read testimonials from Democracy Summer alumni.

“You learn from these amazing people everyday at Democracy Summer with their questions and answers. I can say there’s never been a day at Democracy Summer whenn I didn’t learn something new. Being surrounded with this uplifting group of people inspired me to create a politically active club at my school…Democracy Summer isn’t just something you do and leave, it inspires you to continue what you learned and use it in the world to change it into a better place. My time at Democracy Summer was truly my most life-changing experience yet. I now hope and aspire to stay continuously politically active and aware.” ––Adesola Adelegan, Democracy Summer 2019 Fellow

“One of the biggest things I’ve gained from this experience and plan to use going forward is to remember that while talking about politics is important, action is needed to fix the problems that concern me. More often than not, it is not hard to get involved when you have the right information and even the simplest contributions make a big difference.” ––Annabelle Tamaro, Democracy Summer 2019 Fellow

“Through the program, I learned not only how small grassroots campaigns are run, but also what to do after the polls close. I learned that small groups of determined people, of any age, can make a large impact. The program gave me a roadmap for making change.” ––Drew Olsen, Democracy Summer 2019 Fellow

“Democracy Summer channels my unfocused energy and gives me the tools and opportunities to make a decision about where I can have the greatest political effect.”
– Dashel Lewis, University of Maryland Student, Democracy Summer 2017

“Our strength in numbers has assured me that we are capable of turning our passion into action, and this program is a great way to help us get organized.”
– Hannah Wilcove, University of Maryland-Baltimore Student, Democracy Summer 2017

“Democracy Summer equipped me with a set of political tools and knowledge to apply wherever I am involved in politics to  turn policy ideas into reality.” 
– Paul B. Ellis, The Ohio State University, Democracy Summer 2017

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