About Democracy Summer

Democracy Summer is a one-of-a-kind political Democratic Fellowship that teaches high school and college students the nuts-and-bolts of political organizing, the arts of electoral mobilization, the critical issues of the day, and the history of progressive political change. Democracy Summer Fellows deploy to help Democratic candidates win key elections in swing districts around the country. In 2019 Democracy Summer flipped the Virginia state legislature, and in 2020 we flipped the White House. Stay tuned for where Democracy Summer will be for 2021, and which races we will be focused on.


Read testimonials from Democracy Summer alumni.

“Our strength in numbers has assured me that we are capable of turning our passion into action, and this program is a great way to help us get organized.”
– Hannah Wilcove, University of Maryland-Baltimore, Democracy Summer 2017

“Democracy Summer equipped me with a set of political tools and knowledge to apply wherever I am involved in politics to  turn policy ideas into reality.” 
– Paul B. Ellis, The Ohio State University, Democracy Summer 2017

“Democracy Summer showed me that young people can really make a difference when we come together and organize. I have enormous faith in the ability of my Democracy Summer peers to change the world and bring on the Big Blue Wave!”

– Camilla Duke, University of St. Andrews, Democracy Summer 2017

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